Terms of Use

English Lyrics: English lyrics are all translated by me. I know that no two translations are exactly the same. If you are copying these lyrics for personal use, I really don’t care that you credit me for the translations. However, if you use my translations on your site or blog, please credit me! I don’t mind you using them, really, just please credit using the following:

Translated by Tianlu @ chinesepandamusic.wordpress.com.

Hanyu Pinyin: I am currently typing out the pinyin conversion by hand. I will try my best to keep it consistent with how the artist sings it, but the intonation can be a bit different in the song as opposed to how the character is regularly pronounced. If that is the case, I will choose the intonation that best fits the meaning of the character, as opposed to how it is sung. I will not be including Hanyu Pinyin on Cantonese songs. If you use the pinyin elsewhere on the Internet, please use the following credit:

Pinyin edited by Tianlu @ chinesepandamusic.wordpress.com.

Chinese Lyrics: None of the Chinese lyrics were assembled by me.

Album Covers: All album covers come from Google images. I will post the most common or popular version of the album covers. Other covers may exist, but they will not appear here.

Videos: Because at this time I can only post YouTube videos, only those songs that have official MVs/lyric videos on YouTube will have an accompanying video.

Of course, all copyright belongs to the original artists, composers, lyricists, management companies, and whoever else should be on this list. I don’t own any lyrics or album art. I guess the English translations are mine since I translated them.

If you see mistakes in anything, please feel free to email me. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t proofread my translations, and I’m not perfect with reading Chinese so wrong characters will get through. So please feel free to let me know if you see anything wrong.


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