Kary Ng 吴雨霏 The Last Second 最後一秒钟

Use the following credit for English translations: Translated by Tianlu @ chinesepandamusic.wordpress.com.

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The Last Second 最后一秒钟

English Translations:
The earth calms down, but I ask to hug you for a second.
The corners of the oceans run dry, but I ask to love until dawn breaks.
The tears flood like a wave.
The tears flood over the bridge.
You and I at least (loved for one second).

We say goodbye under the sunset, but I ask to hear you joke again.
We lightly kiss for one second, but it was not too short.
If love can also be moved,
Perhaps the shock will be bigger than a storm.
The world is too small. (You are the most important.)

Maybe once the sun rises tomorrow,
It’ll be impossible to love for even one more second.
Take away the clock earlier,
Stop the second hand from jumping forward.

I’ll hug you tight when light touches the sky. (We’ve loved to the last moment.)
Tomorrow, the earth will throw it all away. (I cry and kiss you goodbye.)
I can’t help but feel the tragedy when we leave. Let me admire you.
When we leave, I notice how beautiful your back view is.

Tomorrow, the road will split.
I must be separated from you.
The sun rise meets the howling wind.
I hug you tight so you are not blown away.

I send you on your way when the light touches the sky.
(We’ve loved to the last moment.)
There’s no breath and no need for air. (I cry and kiss you goodbye.)
When time turns to gray dust, you disappear from my life.
At the moment we separate, I notice how much I need you.

Chinese Lyrics:
大地静下 但求拥抱你一秒
海角枯干 但求恋爱到破晓
你我至少 (爱过一秒)

夕阳下临别 但求听到你讲笑
轻吻一秒钟 未曾嗟怨太过少
世界太小 (你最紧要)


临天光一刻抱紧你 (爱到了最后时期)
明天的地球都抛弃 (哭着吻别你)
临离开舍不得伤悲 来好好欣赏你


无呼吸亦无需空气 (哭着吻别你)
连时光亦开始灰飞 人生中消失你


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