JJ Lin Lost N Found

JJ Lin 林俊杰 Romantic Mystery 故事细腻

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Use the following credit for Hanyu Pinyin: Pinyin edited by Tianlu @ chinesepandamusic.wordpress.com.

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Romantic Mystery 故事细腻

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English Translations:
The lights and shadows
The people on the street
Who is attracted to whom?

The wind chime in the window
I’m at the cafe
Playing piano for you.

This type of street light
This type of atmosphere
This type of life
This type of city in the mountains.

This type of church
This type of stone walls
This type of vine
You and I walk in the streets.

Girl we were once a romantic mystery,
Oh your touch.
The secret in the sunflowers.
So love is actually a type of rapport.

Detailed story, romantic mystery,
Mysterious, abstraction is a mood.
The oil painting freshens all the memories.

The story is turning, the tassel is swaying
We are all in love, a beautiful ending.
If we can, love is like the rainy season, thinking of you.

This type of beach,
This type of romance,
This type of impression,
Severely love you once.

This type of bridge,
This type of village,
This type of moonlight,
Makes love more real.

The distance separates, romantic mystery.
I’m thinking of you, if everything continues.
Everywhere is proof of loving you.

I think maybe you, romantic mystery,
Is sweet, so I pick up the pen,
To clearly detail how to love you.

The faint fragrance, the little jasmine,
That love is not even a little hesitant.
I again continue to play piano for you, explaining fate.

Autant En Emporte Le Vent (Gone with the wind)
Gone with the wind.

Chinese Lyrics:


这样一座 山城

你我 走在 街上

Girl we were once a Romantic Mystery,
Oh your touch

故事细腻 Romantic Mystery
神秘 抽象是一种情绪
油画鲜艳了 所有回忆

故事在弯曲 流苏在摇曳
我们相恋的 结局美丽
如果可以 爱像雨季 痛快想你

狠狠爱你 一场

让爱 有画 面感

隔着距离 Romantic Mystery
在想你 如果一切都继续

我想或许你 Romantic Mystery
甜蜜 我于是拿起笔

淡淡的香气 小小的茉莉
那爱情一点 都不忧郁
我又继续 为你弹琴 解释命运

Autant En Emporte Le Vent(随风而逝)
Gone with the wind

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